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Thread: [DOCUMENTARY] Born Rich - interviews with children who are born into wealthy families

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    Default [DOCUMENTARY] Born Rich - interviews with children who are born into wealthy families

    Born Rich features interviews with:
    • Ivanka Trump, daughter of real estate tycoon Donald Trump
    • S.I. Newhouse IV, heir to the Condé Nast Publications fortune and grandson of Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr.
    • Josiah Hornblower, of the Vanderbilt and Whitney families
    • Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of New York mayor and media mogul Michael Bloomberg
    • Stephanie Ercklentz, "finance heiress"
    • Cody Franchetti, heir to Milliken & Co
    • Luke Weil, heir to the Autotote gaming empire
    • Christina Floyd, "professional sports heiress", daughter of golfer Raymond Floyd
    • Carlo von Zeitschel
    • Juliet Hartford, A&P heiress, daughter of Huntington Hartford

    Watch it online:
    This documentary was directed by a Johnson&Johnson heir, Jamie Johnson. One of the interviewees (Luke Weil) ended up suing him for releasing the footage (you'll know why when you watch! The stuff he says makes him look like a d-bag and loser.)

    At times, I tuned out to what the narrator was saying because he was so dry and monotone. His conversation with his father was awkward and they all seem like they're mentally challenged but the interviews were worth it.

    Cody Franchetti, a textile heir, was so amusing to watch. Notable quote - "I'm reading a book and I'm thinking about a pussy, but I find when I get the pussy, I'm thinking about the book." He's elitist and snobbish, but like Luke Weil, he came off as a funny character to me.

    The european guy looked stoned to me. Ivanka Trump was the most down-to-earth of the bunch.

    Overall great documentary to check out to understand a little more about the lives and attitudes of some of the wealthiest heirs.

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    I have seen this documentary some time ago. It was also on Oprah.

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