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Thread: A few forum rules

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    Default A few forum rules


    1.-Please report to me whenever you see any live link posted by any member and also report if any forum rules are being or have been broken. You may either pm me or just press the button " Report" under a post.

    2- If a member posts a live link, then I won't allow anybody here to share with him/her anything at all as a warning. So be careful. No harassing, no threatening etc will be tolerated.

    4- Always replace http with hxxp and place URLs in "code" tag
    like this

    5- Also please Always Post in Relative Forums. Don't post here about anything that should have been posted in some other forum category.

    You cooperation/suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Thanks .
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    As an aside to this please everyone code your links or they will be deleted - this applies to all me included - the rule is there to safeguard links etc...

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