I finally released (2 weeks ago) my first Android app (not game, not info)
(thanks for your congrats - ))

Now the promotion have started

And here is my question / suggestion comes.

Will anybody want to share ways and recourses to free promotion of the android apps.
Paid is also good, but the working one - ))

Basically we all now the basic stuff like PR distribution, forums, social, reviews etc, but what and where work and what works better.

I have spent I think $200 -$250 on fiverr for example – mostly fake crap - ))))

But at least now I can say from this tweet you will get around 150 clicks and 3-5-10 downloads (sure depends on type of app)

Or Microworkers task –Download- Install – Review (25 words) wont work for less then $1

What do you say is it worth our time to share such experience and recourses lists?
Or may be it’s just me going through full cycle from the beginning - ))

Thank you for your opinions