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Thread: [Question] How To Find Out The Forum Poster's IP Address?

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    Default [Question] How To Find Out The Forum Poster's IP Address?

    Hi guys,

    How do you check the IP address of the person who posted a forum comment?

    I understand some people in WF did this and they could find out people who boosted a WSO (Fake reviews) from the same IP. So this means the original WSO poster create few accounts on WF to boost his own WSO.

    Side question: I know if you have a website which you hate, you can do a DOS attack on it, but if there is a comment you hate in a forum, what is the biggest damage you can cause to the poster? What can you do even if you get the IP? If you have suggestions please PM me or just post it in this thread. TIA.
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    If you're a moderator, you will see it. You can see every IP address on each user who are posting. Although sometimes, users will used different IP address, either through VPN or an anonymous proxies.

    Or, you can contact a moderator whom you know and ask him/her.

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