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  1. Hiya - long time no chat... went to good Marketing Seminar at the weekend. Am trying to put up a site as will be offering Mindmapping and a service and setting up new autoresponder with monthly mindmaps.. probably in a membership site where will have premium options..

    What I want to try and do is have multi page sales letters ala Brent Hall but not sure how he is achieving this with Thesis. Also would like to put on wishlist member - saw there was a link here but has been put into SEO which I don't have access to.

    Any chance you could send me a link?

    I got chatting to one of the speakers at the conference and she is going to give me access to all her training for free in return for doing some mindmaps for her so that could be handy - that is part of the reason to do it so I can make some contacts and see how they run their businesses..


    AWBH / Tall Paul
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